Types of Carbutts Turf

We’re proud of the very high standard of our turf and always aim for it to be as fresh as possible whether for delivery or for collection, as long as weather conditions are suitable for us to cut it fresh from the field.

But because our customers need different things from their turf once it is laid, we offer two different types – Gold Standard and Platinum Standard.

It’s not a case of one being ‘better’ than the other, but more that they are suited to different uses:


Gold Standard Platinum Standard
Low maintenance Regular maintenance
Ultra hard-wearing Hard-wearing and disease-resistant
Fast shoot recovery Show quality finish


The main difference is whether you want a lawn that is mainly for show, with little to no foot traffic, or one that you can use to play sports, for social occasions, with the kids or with pets.


Gold Standard Turf

Gold Standard Turf is ultra hard-wearing with fast recovery times for damaged shoots, making it an ideal option for sports pitches and lawns with heavier foot traffic.

This means it is the first-choice option for family lawns where you want to be able to play with your kids or pets, host barbecues and garden parties, or just enjoy your garden.

It’s relatively low maintenance, with less need for regular feeding and mowing, so it’s also a good fit for customers with a busy lifestyle or if you don’t have a regular gardener.


Platinum Standard Turf

Platinum Standard Turf is the preferred option for show gardens. It combines fescue with bent grasses to create a hard-wearing, disease-resistant fine sward.

Regular maintenance is needed to keep it at its best, but with periodic feeding and mowing, you can maintain our Platinum Standard Turf at a show-quality finish.

Ideal if you enjoy spending more time out in the garden, feel a sense of accomplishment by keeping it looking lush and green, or simply have a regular gardener to take care of it.


How to choose?

You probably already know from the descriptions above which type of turf is best suited to what you are trying to achieve, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

To put it another way, our Gold Standard Turf is hands-on in use and hands-off in maintenance, whereas our Platinum Standard Turf is hands-on in maintenance and hands-off in use.


Orders and Enquiries

We’re happy to help with any enquiries and to help you decide which type of turf you need for an upcoming project.

All of our turf is available as individual rolls measuring 41cm x 249cm to cover one square metre of earth, or on pallets of up to 60 rolls each.

To place an order, call us on 01477 532 594 or 07836 343496, visit us at Pewitt Hall Farm, Brereton, CW11 1RL or fill in our online contact form for a prompt reply.