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Carbutts Turf in Northwich

Homes, businesses and other premises enjoy a greener garden thanks to Carbutts Turf in Northwich, supplying freshly cut turves from our farm just ten miles away.

Pewitt Hall Farm is just down the A530 near Brereton, or can be reached from the motorway via M6 J17.

From our green fields to your door, the journey time is around 20 minutes when we deliver turf in Northwich, so you benefit from turves that have not only been harvested that day, but have had only a few minutes on the road.

This means our Gold Standard Turf arrives in prime condition, cut to size and conveniently rolled ready for it to be laid in your garden, business premises, park or sports pitch.

Our best turf in Northwich

We cut fresh turf from our fields every day, to make sure we always supply only our very best turf in Northwich, Cheshire and across other parts of the north-west like Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

Our Gold Standard Turf can be found all across the region and beyond, where domestic and commercial customers alike benefit from its unbeatable properties:

  • Ultra hard-wearing in heavy footfall areas.
  • Thick, verdant lawn turf with no weeds.
  • Aesthetic appeal for show homes, businesses and ‘kerb appeal’ at home.
  • Bright, healthy green grass.
  • Roots well into most varieties of soil.

Laying our turf is easy once the ground is prepared, and it copes well with slightly uneven surfaces – just tamp it down gently and water it well into its new home.

Help is at hand

If you need a guiding light, don’t worry. Our expert turf team are here to help, whether you need how-to instructions to lay your lawn, or you want to leave it to our professional Lawn Laying Service.

For those of you who’d like to lay a turf lawn yourself, just follow our Turf Guide which includes handy how-to articles like:

  • How to lay a turf lawn
  • When to lay turf for best results
  • How to calculate how much turf you need
  • How to care for a new turf lawn
  • How and when to scarify a lawn for long-term health

You can check the Carbutts Turf blog at any time for our latest updates, which includes hints and tips, as well as seasonal articles that highlight different lawn care advice depending on the time of year.

Make an enquiry

If you’d like to know more about anything we haven’t already mentioned or about the work done by Carbutts Turf in Northwich, please give us a call or email.

You can speak to our turf team by phone on 01477 532594 or on mobile 07836 343496 in working hours, which is a great way to let us know of any urgent enquiries or orders.

Alternatively, fill in our Contact Us form or email and we’ll reply as soon as we can to help with any questions you may have.

We work with homes, businesses and public organisations across the north-west, from Northwich and Cheshire, to Greater Manchester and Lancashire, so wherever your next project is based, our team is here to help.