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We know a thing or two about lawns – and no two lawns are the same. Through our lawn laying service we see a lot of different gardens, and not all of them boast a perfectly rectangular lawn.

If you’re struggling to figure out how much turf to buy for your lawn, we can help! Check out our infographic below to find out how to calculate the area of your lawn, no matter what shape or size it is.

Once you’ve found out how many rolls of turf you need, place an order with us here. We are a family run business growing thick, lush and reliable turf for over 20 years at our farm in Sandbach, delivery the freshest cuts of turf all across the UK.

Lawn Area Calculator infographic


Carbutts Turf’s Lawn Area Calculator

As gardens come in many shapes and sizes, here’s a handy way to calculate how many rolls of turf you need – no matter the lawn dimensions.

It’s best to measure your lawn in metres as this is how turf is most often supplied. Use these conversions if you haven’t measured in metres:

(area in ft.) x 0.093 = (area in metres)

(area in yd.) x 0.831 = (area in metres)

Lawn measuring technique #1: Basic shapes

Our first technique is to break down your lawn area into simpler shapes. Most lawns can be broken down into triangles, squares and circles. Let’s see how we calculate the area of each shape.

Length is always the longest side of an object while width is the shortest

How to calculate the area of a rectangle:

  1. Multiply the length by the width

How to calculate the area of a circle:

  1. Measure a line from the centre to the outside, this is the radius
  2. Multiply the value by itself and then by Pi

How to calculate the area of a triangle:

  1. Find the longest area of the garden, this is the base of the triangle
  2. Measure from the base to the opposite corner, this is the height.
  3. Multiply the base by the height
  4. Divide this number by 2


In our example to calculated…

Rectangle shape: 3m x 3m = 9m squared

Semi-circle shape: 1m x 1m = 1m

1m x 3.14 = 3.14m squared (full circle)

3.14 / 2 = 1.57m squared (semi-circle)

Triangle shape: 3m x 1m = 3m

3m / 2 = 1.5m squared

To find the total area add all of the areas of all of the shapes that make up your lawn.

Total area: 9m squared + 1.57m squared + 1.5m squared = 12.07m squared


To find out how many rolls of turf are needed, divide the total area by the area of one roll of turf.

1 roll of Carbutts Turf = 1.02m squared

12.07m squared / 1.02m squared = 11.83m squared

With this calculation we can see that we need 12 rolls of turf (rounded up to the first whole number from 11.83).


Lawn measuring technique #2: Lawn mapping

If your lawn is even more complex and breaking it down into shapes won’t work, this will be a better option.

What you’ll need: pencil, graph paper, measuring tape

Step 1. Measure the longest points of both the length and width of your lawn. Use the measurements to find how many metres your lawn is at its longest and widest points.

Step 2. On your graph paper draw a box that corresponds to the length and width of your lawn by counting out the same number of squares as there are metres in your measurements. You now have a box which represents the scale of your lawn where each square is a metre of space.

Step 3. Carefully draw the shape of your lawn inside the box you have drawn. It might be useful to look out of an upstairs window to see your lawn from above and get a better idea of its shape.

Step 4. Count the number of squares which are fully filled by lawn space.

Step 5. For each square partially filled half a roll of turf is required. This ensures that you will have enough turf to cover the whole lawn.


In our example we counted…

27 full squares: 27m squared

19 partial squares: 19 / 2 = 14.5 m squared

Add the area of the full squares and the area of the partial squares to get the total area of your lawn.

27m squared + 14.5m squared = 41.5m squared


To calculate the number of turf rolls you need, divide the lawn area by the area of one roll of turf:

1 roll of Carbutts turf = 1.02m squared

41.5 / 1.02m squared = 40.6m squared 

With this calculation we can see that we need 41 rolls of turf (rounded up to the first whole number from 40.6).