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How many rolls of turf do I need?

Find out exactly how many rolls of turf you need and avoid buying too much or being left with unsightly gaps. Use our Lawn Area Calculator now.

Carbutts Turf is supplied in standard sized rolls, making it easier to calculate how many rolls of turf you need:

  • 16 inches / 41 cm wide.
  • 98 inches / 249 cm long.
  • Equivalent to one square metre area.

For Carbutts Turf rolls, you just need to know your lawn area in square metres, and the number of rolls of turf you need is roughly equal to that number, with just a few other things to take into account.

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Rolls of turf and freshly laid turf

How to measure a lawn area

There are many ways to measure a lawn area. Depending on the size and shape of your lawn, you could use any of the following methods:

  • Measure the length of one of your strides and then ‘stride out’ the length and width of your lawn area to see how many steps it takes.
  • Use a standard measure, such as a length of wood you have measured, and see how many times it fits into the area.
  • Use a measuring tape – if it’s not long enough, mark the point it reaches and then measure again from that point onwards.
  • If there is a fence alongside the lawn, count the number of fence panels and multiply by each panel’s width (usually 6 feet).
  • For very accurate measurements of larger lawns, use a laser tape measure – you should just need to place an object at the far end of the lawn to reflect back from.

All of these methods assume you are laying a rectangular (or nearly rectangular) lawn, so calculating the area of turf is a simple matter of multiplying length by width in metres, to get area in square metres.

Calculating lawn area in square metres

Just in case you’re not confident about working with centimetres, metres and square metres, the calculation is simple – just convert any of your length measurements into metres to begin with.

Measure your garden’s length and width in metres, then multiply the two values together for the area in metres squared.

Using Carbutts Turf rolls, where each roll is 41 cm x 249 cm, just divide by 100 to turn that into 0.41 m and 2.49 m. Multiply those together and you get 0.41 x 2.49 = 1.02 square metres.

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How much turf do I need for an irregular lawn

Of course not all lawns are rectangular, and measuring the area of irregular lawns can be more challenging.

Remember that rolls of turf are long and narrow. Because of this, you can think of your lawn as a number of strips or stripes laid alongside one another. Each turf strip will be 41 cm wide and each roll of turf can cover up to 2.49 m long.

If you’re still finding it hard to visualise this, try drawing a scaled-down version of your lawn on to squared paper, with each square representing a sensible unit of distance – such as 20 cm for smaller lawns, 50 cm for larger lawns etc.

Once you know the area of each square on your paper, and have accurately drawn out the shape of your lawn, you can simply count up the squares to find the area of your lawn without doing any maths.

Wiggly path in a garden

3 reasons why area is not the only factor

Calculating the area of a new lawn is the first step towards knowing how many rolls of turf you will need, for obvious reasons, but the final answer might still need some tweaking.

Here are three reasons why this might be the case:

  1. The length of your lawn might mean offcuts from the ends of each roll of turf are an awkward length, and it can be much easier to just add a couple of extra rolls rather than trying to patch multiple offcuts together neatly.
  2. Irregular edges to your lawn might also mean you have to cut rolls along their length, again leading to irregular and awkwardly shaped offcuts that you don’t want to use elsewhere.
  3. We can supply pallets of up to 60 rolls of turf – if you’re getting close to a full pallet, it’s often worth getting the extra rolls delivered anyway, to give yourself or your turf laying contractors more spare rolls to work with in any awkwardly shaped areas.

Don’t be afraid to tweak the size and shape of your lawn slightly either – it’s often easier to extend or reduce the size of a flowerbed or border slightly if it means you can use a full roll of turf with less cutting or joining.

And finally, if you’re still not sure about anything regarding the size, shape and area of your lawn, how to calculate lawn area in square metres and how that translates into the number of rolls of turf you need, give us a call! The Carbutts Turf team is here and happy to help.

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Turf roll size FAQs

What size is a standard roll of turf?

Turf size may change depending on where you get it from. A Carbutts roll of turf is 41 cm x 249 cm.

How many rolls of turf make a square meter?

One roll of Carbutts turf is 0.41 m wide and 2.49 m long. To cover a square metre well without using too many small sections, you would need 3 rolls of turf. 

What is the cost of laying turf?

The cost of one roll of turf at Carbutts Turf is £2.70 plus delivery. To cover a square metre of ground, requiring three rolls of turf, the cost would be £8.10 plus delivery. 

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How do I calculate how much turf I need?

First you need to find the area of your lawn, which can be done by multiplying the width by the length. To cover every square metre of ground well, without too many small sections you will need about three rolls of turf. 

What size is the average turf?

The average turf is roughly 1.3ft or 0.41m wide and 8.16ft or 2.49m long. Carbutts turves are sold in standard sizes. 

How do you calculate square meters of turf?

For rectangular or square lawns, multiply the length by the width of your lawn to find the area in square metres. You will need three rolls of Carbutts turf for every square metre of your lawn.

How thick is turf cut?

Turf is normally about 12mm thick, which means it will sit slightly higher than garden paths or edges. 

What area does a roll of turf cover?

To cover a square metre of ground well without too many small cutoffs you will need three rolls of turf.

Need help laying turf?

If you want to make sure your new lawn is laid properly, including cutting rolls of turf to fit where necessary, you might want to consider making use of the Carbutts Turf laying service.

We can prepare your soil first and lay the turf on top of it, or if your ground is already prepared, we can just lay the rolls of turf neatly on top.

This service is available to customers across the north-west via our approved contractors, saving you time and effort, and ensuring your new lawn is laid neatly, whatever shape it may be. Get in touch with us today and give your lawn a makeover.