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Gold Standard Turf


Gold Standard Turf 0010

Product information

Carbutts Turf Gold Standard Turf produces a soft and firm lawn, great for safe outdoors play, and ultra head-wearing even with busy footfalls.

Our resilient turf is very low maintenance for those with busy lifestyles, who might have children and pets, and who don't have time for regular mowing, feeding and maintaining.

That said our blend of grass seed and time-tested growing processes will produce a glossy, thick and lush green lawn for years to come.

Because of this our turf can be used on sports areas such as football and rugby pitches as it has a fast shoot recovery, is safe and reliable. Due to the minimal input effort for great looking results, it is often selected for commercial lawns as one of the highest quality turf types available.

At £2.20 per roll up to 50 rolls and £1.95 per roll above 50 rolls, this is an excellent quality turf at a great cost-effective price. Click add to bag to see delivery prices to your area.


  • Refined blend of grasses for a top quality lawn
  • Capacity for close mowing without weakening grasses
  • Easy to look after and maintain
  • Great value for money
  • Turves are light and all cut to the same length and width for easy laying
  • Easy to use in many different gardens, landscaping projects and commercial/public areas
  • Easy to lay on uneven ground, and during any time of the year apart from during a frost


  • Looks thick, glossy and natural
  • Feels soft, springy and firm
  • Roots down fast with minimal bedding in time so you can start using your lawn sooner
  • Adapts quickly and effectively to new soil
  • Easy to maintain throughout the year, meaning your lawn never loses coverage and without dead grass, with the right lawn care.

Who is it for?

  • Families
  • People with pets
  • People with young children
  • Gardening enthusiasts
  • People with busy lifestyles
  • Elderly people
  • Commercial locations such as show houses, parks and stately homes
  • Sporting areas such as football and rugby pitches
  • Landlords
£2.7 In stock