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Where can Carbutts Turf be laid?

Laying Turf | Posted on July 29, 2020 at 2:34 pm by

When choosing the types of grass to grow at Carbutts Turf, we know you need your lawn to serve many different purposes.

That’s why our Gold Standard Turf is designed to be visually appealing with lush green grass, but also hard-wearing underfoot so you can get good use from your lawn.

Here we’ll look at some specific locations where Carbutts Turf can be laid, and the characteristics that make our Gold Standard Turf such a versatile option.

Heavy footfall areas

Our turf is ultra hard-wearing, thick and glossy, which makes it the perfect choice for areas with heavy footfall.

That can include gardens at home if you have children, pets, or you just like to spend time outdoors on your lawn.

It’s also good for grass verges and other lawn areas where pedestrians are likely to walk on the grass regularly.

Sports fields

Grass shoots in our turf recover quickly from being trodden on, which makes it a good option for sports fields.

Use our Gold Standard Turf for sports pitches like football and rugby, as well as for general playing fields and grassy athletics tracks.

Commercial lawns

Our Gold Standard Turf needs very little maintenance, only occasional feeding and can go a good length of time between being mowed.

This makes it an excellent choice for commercial lawns, from show homes to courtyards, or manicured grassy areas in front of business premises.

Uneven ground

Carbutts Turf is carefully cut and rolled to make it easy to lay, even on uneven ground, so you don’t need to worry about getting the soil surface absolutely flat in order to get a good standard of finish.

Just even out the ground as best you can, and unroll your freshly cut turves on top. With a little tamping down and the right amount of watering in, the turf will set down roots and create a smooth and level lawn.

Large lawns

For larger areas including large lawns, playing fields, parks and commercial gardens, we can offer a discount on orders for more than 50 turves.

Just let us know what area you need to cover and we can make sure we have enough freshly cut turf for what you need, ready for collection or delivery.

Who is Carbutts Turf good for?

Carbutts Turf is versatile, low-maintenance and looks great on the ground. It’s good for areas of heavy use, ornamental lawns and commercial settings too.

Some examples of who Carbutts Turf is good for include:

The list goes on and on – in general if you need turf for a lawn, pitch or other grassy area, it’s likely that Carbutts Gold Standard Turf will give you the look and durability you need.

To find out more or to place an order, contact us today and we can have your turf freshly cut and rolled for you to collect, or deliver to your home, workplace or construction site.