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The benefits of gardening as a hobby in 2022

Garden Inspiration | Things to do in the garden | Posted on January 31, 2022 at 1:21 pm by

There are many benefits of gardening as a hobby, from fresh air and Vitamin D to the chance to grow edible fruit and vegetables to include in your meals.

Sustainable gardening can feel good for the soul as well as the body, and there’s something deeply satisfying about looking at living plants and thinking, “I grew those.”

Let’s look at some of the best benefits of gardening as a hobby, and how you can turn green fingers into a healthy body and a happy mind in 2022.

Benefits of gardening for mental health

Gardening is not only good for your physical health; it has real benefits for your mental health too.

After the events of 2020-21, we are all more aware of the value of physical activity and time spent outdoors. Even a small outdoor space can help you take up gardening for wellbeing, from planting pots and window boxes to curating a freshly laid turf lawn, rockeries and shrubberies.

As you gain experience, you’ll start to learn which plants you enjoy growing the most. Whether they’re hardy perennials or something more challenging, find your own comfort zone and peace of mind won’t be far behind.

Eco gardening for wellbeing

Sustainable gardening helps you do your bit for the environment, and an eco-friendly garden can even help to clean the air around the exterior of your property.

Planting edibles is a good choice for eco gardening. Not only will the plants remove carbon dioxide from the air and replace it with oxygen, but you’ll be cutting carbon miles from your household diet if you manage to grow enough to eat.

A herb garden is a great place to start if you’re short of space or not particularly experienced. Fresh herbs can add flavour to your food, and while they’re not completely fool-proof, they’re not too difficult to grow either.

Year-round gardening

Winter doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy time in your garden. In fact, weather permitting, it’s the perfect time to clear fallen leaves and dead annuals, and cut back trees and shrubs that can take being pruned or pollarded.

Early spring is the time to plant many bulbs and should also see the first shoots start to grow through the bare earth – always a spirit-lifting sight after a cold winter.

Also, remember to look after the visitors to your garden. Not friends and family, but birds and wildlife – keep feeders filled, put out fresh (not frozen!) water for drinking and bathing, and create hidey-holes for hedgehogs and other ground-dwellers.

What about the lawn?

A well looked after lawn provides the ideal centrepiece for any wellbeing garden, a place to play or entertain, and just the feeling of open space.

If yours needs a reset, you can get high-quality turf from the Carbutts Turf online shop, ready for whatever the spring, summer and autumn months of 2022 bring your way.

You’ll find even more ideas for gardening in winter and top tips for turf lawn care on our blog.

Happy gardening!