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Preparing to lay new turf

Laying Turf | Posted on March 6, 2019 at 4:58 pm by

Preparing to lay new turf

Preparing to lay new turf takes a little time and effort but it’s worth it to give your turf direct contact with fertile soil and good drainage – it will root faster and better, and should look lush and greener for a long time to come.

The key things to remember are:

With these things in mind when preparing to lay new turf, you can be more confident that the roots will grow to a good depth, allowing them to draw valuable moisture and nutrients up into the grass. Where you lay new turf is also important, and your preparations will vary according to this.


Preparing soil for turf step by step

Some of the main stages in preparing soil for turf include:

  1. Remove old grass and other organic material from the surface to leave bare soil.
  2. Rotovate the soil to a good depth and allow to settle, ideally for a few weeks.
  3. Level the surface to remove bumps and hollows, but do not compact the soil.
  4. Water well to get a good amount of moisture into the soil and test drainage.
  5. Incorporate well rotted manure or compost if you need to retain more moisture.

Again, when preparing soil for turf, you want a well aerated soil for roots to penetrate, but not so much that it will subside; good direct sod-to-soil contact; and good moisture and fertiliser content.


Laying turf on prepared soil

Once you’ve gone to the trouble of creating a turf-friendly environment, there are a few more precautions to take when it comes to actually laying turf on prepared soil.

Use turfing boards to spread your weight any time you need to walk across the soil, and to gently tamp down the laid turf so it’s nice and flat and in good contact with the soil underneath.

Butt the turves up against each other without any gaps or stretching and gently flatten down the joins, which should be staggered like brickwork for the best finish. Water well to help the turf establish itself into the soil.


Get help from the Carbutts Turf Laying Service

The Carbutts Turf Laying Service is a complete lawn laying service that removes the need for you to prepare the soil yourself, as our team of experts can handle it instead.

Our complete turf laying service includes digging out the soil and preparing the area for the turf to go down, to ensure good root contact and help the turf to establish itself properly.

We can also lay turf on to soil that you have prepared in advance, if you want to keep control of that part of the process but would prefer us to provide a professional lawn laying service once your turf itself is delivered.

You can of course lay your turf yourself or use your own lawn laying contractors to do the job, and we can happily provide you with complete guidance on how to care for newly laid turf in the following weeks and months for the best results.

If you’re preparing your garden or any other outdoors area for fresh new turf, contact Carbutts Turf today on 01477 532 594 or email