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Lawn design ideas for your garden

Lawn Care Tips | Posted on January 29, 2020 at 10:00 am by

If you’re planning to lay a new lawn using turf, it’s worth taking the time to design it first.

With these lawn design ideas for your garden, you can plan out your use of the space you have available and make sure you know exactly how much turf you need.

Our turf rolls are roughly 41 cm wide by 249 cm long, enough to cover about one square metre each, which helps to make the calculations easier! If you’re still stuck or have an unusually shaped lawn, use our handy lawn care calculator!

Remember to allow some excess for offcuts, if you’re planning an irregular or curved lawn, as it’s better to use single sections of turf rather than trying to patch offcuts together into an area with lots of ragged joints.

We offer professional turf laying services, so if you’re feeling ambitious and don’t want to leave it to chance, you can leave it to us to lay your new lawn to a high standard instead.

circular lawnCircular lawns

Circular lawns are a popular option. Many gardeners like the geometry of a regular shape, but without the corners you get with a rectangular lawn.

Some offcuts are necessary to achieve the curved edge, but a circular lawn can be surprisingly efficient in how much of the turf is used.

For an even more efficient alternative, opt for an oval. The straighter edges mean less cut-offs and the exact dimensions can be adjusted to fit your garden perfectly.


diagonal lawnDiagonal lawns

Diagonal lawns can work well as an optical illusion in smaller gardens. By laying the turf diagonally, you create a lawn that appears to be longer.

By alternating the direction of the diagonal, you can fill in a lot of a long but narrow garden, and the spaces between the corners can be filled in with focal point planting that draws the eye along the length of the garden to show it off at its best.

This technique has the added benefit of straight edges, reducing the need to cut the turf in order to make it fit.

Meadow lawn with tulipsMeadow lawns

If you’re laying a new turf lawn to get rid of weeds, you might not have considered planting flowers directly in your pristine new grass.

But once your turf has put down roots and is growing healthily in its new home, there are plenty of pretty flowers that make excellent meadow lawns.

Spring flowering bulbs like snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils can happily hide away under the soil before coming through in the early new year.

And unlike persistent weeds, they only last for a few weeks before dying off, leaving you with a clear lawn to enjoy in the summer months while next year’s bulbs are protected safely below ground.

Ideas of your own?

Gardens are a place where you can really express your creativity – and unlike DIY disasters inside the house, it’s usually relatively easy to change your outdoor space if it doesn’t look the way you planned.

A new turf lawn is a fast and easy way to get a great-looking garden from what was previously unloved bare earth, so if you have ideas for garden designs of your own, get in touch and we can help you decide exactly how much turf you need to bring your garden to life.