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How to keep dogs off of your lawn

Lawn Care Tips | Posted on December 4, 2019 at 9:22 am by

Have you ever cleared away the autumn leaves from your garden only to find a nasty substance lurking beneath? Or how about surveying your garden prowess from the kitchen window, and out of the corner of your eye, you catch Fido cocking his leg up, ready to relieve himself against the magnolia.

Let’s face it keeping dogs off your lawn is a difficult task, especially since they seem to take delight in liberally spraying dog wee on your lawn.

Then, of course, there’s the issue of patchy lawns where they’ve liberally urinated. So, what on earth can be done to keep your best buddy away from your beautiful lawn?

Dog rocks for urine

Let’s start by tackling those pesky brown patches. There’s a relatively easy solution for this – introducing dog rocks.

Dogs produce nitrates as a by-product of their diet, and as you’ll probably know, it’s these nitrates that leave those unsightly brown patches all over your lawn. However, place these in your dog’s water bowl, and it’ll lower the nitrates in their wee!

Repellant sprays and powders

There’s plenty of commercial powders or sprays on the market for keeping dogs off your lawn. Most products contain natural ingredients. However, best to check the label before you do purchase.

These products will leave a bitter smell that will cause your dogs to beat a hasty retreat. However, if you’re going to use these, make sure you reapply regularly.

Motion-activated sprinklers

These are designed to water your lawn of course, but they do act as a great animal repellent. Set these up around your lawn or the area your dog gravitates towards, sit back and watch as the motion triggers the sprinkler, and your dog runs off with his tail between his legs. Very effective!

Ultrasonic repellent

These are also motion-activated and easy to set up. Mount these on a tree, your shed or your fence, and it’ll activate when your dog approaches, emitting ultrasonic sound waves. The idea is that these sounds will keep your dog away from wherever you’ve set these strategically placed motion-activated devices.

It’s not as effective as the motion-activated sprinklers we have to admit, and it’s still a bit unclear how these affect your dog long term.

A physical fence

Nothing keeps a dog away from a lush lawn like a good old fence! After all, most dogs like a comfortable life and a physical fence is just too much effort to scale or dig underneath. That said, some dogs can be belligerent, and no matter what you do, they’ll find a way to escape!

P.s – don’t forget to close the gate, or you’ll only have yourself to blame!

So there you have it, some practical solutions for keeping Fido off your lawn. Some will be more successful than others, and we have to admit watching the dog run away from a motion-activated sprinkler is rather funny!

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