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How to choose good quality turf

Blog | Posted on June 30, 2021 at 3:07 pm by


Good quality turf is more than just grass. That’s why our Gold Standard Turf is specially blended to create a top-quality lawn that will hold its own under normal levels of wear and tear.

We have worked hard to develop a ‘best of both worlds’ solution, high-quality turf that looks fantastic but is also usable for families, pets, or just to spend some time alone in your garden.

But what exactly does this mean? When choosing the special blend of grasses in our turf, we took several different factors into account:

All of these are completely reasonable expectations, and we developed our Gold Standard Turf to meet all of those needs in a single product.

That means you don’t have to choose between aesthetics and performance – you can have strong, sturdy natural grass that bends underfoot but springs back quickly into place.


Who is Gold Standard Turf suitable for?

Our turf caters to a wide variety of needs and, therefore, it’s suitable for a very wide range of people.

Some examples include:


If you have young children who like to play on the lawn, or your family has pets who need to go out in the garden, Gold Standard Turf can withstand this level of use without bare patches or severe damage.

Elderly People

We know our older customers spend a lot of time in the garden, especially on hot and sunny days. Gold Standard Turf is comfortable underfoot, but still provides a firm walking surface, and will not be significantly damaged if you sit out on a lawn chair or blanket.


Keen gardeners come in all ages, and our natural grass turf makes your lawn the centerpiece of your outdoor space. Again, it’s highly resistant to damage, although you can use kneeling pads when working directly on the grass to reduce the pressure.


Why choose quality turf from Carbutts?

It’s not just the turf that matters – we make sure we offer more than most in other ways too.

For example, we are careful to cut all our turves to the same length and width, so there should be no unnecessary gaps when laying turves alongside one another.

We produce turf for use all year round, and you can lay our Gold Standard Turf in any weather conditions apart from a ground frost.

Turves are easy to lay and compensate well for any slightly uneven ground. Our grass is suitable for domestic gardens, public spaces, commercial premises, and landscaping projects alike.


Save up to 28% when you buy in bulk

We offer bulk discounts for larger orders. For the biggest savings, order more than 50 rolls of turf and we can offer as much as 28% off our normal purchase price.

Find out more in our online turf store, or contact us directly to let us know what you need for your upcoming project.