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Five causes of stress to your lawn and how to fix them

Lawn Care Tips | Posted on April 15, 2019 at 1:41 pm by

This Stress Awareness Month, we’re taking a moment to understand some of the causes of stress to your lawn and how to fix them.

Lawn stress can leave grass looking yellow, dry or patchy, and in the worst cases can leave you with completely bare patches of earth.

Here are five causes of lawn stress and how to fix them, from damaged grass recovery through to replacing the lawn with fresh turf deliveries.



Heat and strong sunlight pose a direct risk that’s different from the grass simply drying out (more on that below) and can be relatively easy to protect against.

In a hot spell, provide extra shade if you can, especially on thin and damaged areas, and consider mowing the grass less often or to a longer length so the roots are less exposed.



Not surprisingly, the answer to dry weather is to water your grass more often, although you should be careful to comply with any hosepipe bans.

If laying turf in dry weather, make sure the soil beneath is well watered and that you water newly laid turf regularly to help it get established and start drawing up moisture through its own root system.



Weeds can choke your lawn and look unsightly, and range from flowers like dandelions and daisies, to surface growth like clover and moss.

There are a few ways to tackle them – lawn feed and weed is one option, while larger weeds can be individually dug out – and you may need to reseed any small bare patches left behind.



Thatch is the dead grass and other debris that forms around the roots of a healthy lawn, and it should be removed regularly to keep the grass healthy.

Springtime is a good time to do this process – called scarification – before you take other action like fertilising and seeding the lawn.



Different lawns have different uses, and in a family home or when you have pets, that can mean more traffic crushing the blades of grass, something that can be helped with lawn topdressing.

But there are also different types of turf that can revamp a worn out lawn, which is why our Gold Standard turf is the better option for ‘busier’ lawns, as it’s ultra hard-wearing and recovers quickly when trodden underfoot.


If you’re lawn has suffered stress beyond repair, it may be time to lay a brand new lawn and start over fresh. You can purchase rolls of fresh turf from our farm and we’ll even provide a professional lawn laying service to get you all set up.