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Fertilising your lawn – When, How, Why, and with what?

Lawn Care Tips | Posted on July 16, 2019 at 1:00 pm by

Always a tricky question for the hobby or casual gardener and normally something that gets overlooked. Most of us tend to ‘Hover mow’ the hell out of it and leave it at that.

But feeding your lawn can make all the difference between having a short, brown, weed-filled square, or a lush and green carpet you can be proud of.

There’s no doubt that sitting on your patio and cracking open a beer is the finest of all garden hobbies, but looking out across the barren wasteland that is your lawn doesn’t make for a happy vista.

Conversely, any man who can invite his pals’ round and reveal a beautiful green manicured lawn will win the envy of all his peers (our Gold Standard Turf will make you a king amongst men).

And with today’s modern products, results can be better, and quicker than you’d imagined.


When to fertilise a lawn

It depends on the type and condition of your lawn.

As a hobby or casual gardener, you’re unlikely to be tending to your lawn night and day. In this case there are a number of really good, basic fertiliser treatments that you can put on once a year. These release nutrients slowly and keep the lawn fed on a regular, but low-maintenance basis.

Many good garden centres will advise you on the right product for your particular type of grass.

If you’re keen on taking it up a notch, then you might look at feeding your lawn more regularly. A rough timetable for feeding your lawn would be 4 times a year;


Note; always fertilise as soon after mowing as possible and don’t mow straight after fertilising or you’ll just remove most of the product.


How to fertilise a lawn

Most fertilisers are granular and so it’s preferable to use a spreader as you get the most even coverage, but you can use the hand sprinkle method if you want to avoid the cost of a spreader.

Careful here, too much of the fertiliser can scorch or burn the grass, so always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and try to spread evenly and lightly.


Why fertilise a lawn

We’ve got a reasonable climate here in the UK for grass growth, hence most of our landscape being covered in it.

But most of our grass is hardy and really benefits from some care and a well-balanced set of nutrients will ensure it stays in great condition, at the same time it will also recover quicker when it’s damaged (normally from an impromptu kid’s footy tournament).

It also gives it a very green and lush appearance which is an immense source of joy when looking out on your little patch of heaven.


Our service – we can help.

We supply two types of turf – Gold Standard which is hard-wearing and low-maintenance, and Platinum Standard which offers a show-quality finish with a little extra care and attention.

Grass and lawn laying service

Our lawn laying service can take care of laying your turf using the recommended methods, or of course you can lay it yourself or hire a third-party turf laying contractor.

We go beyond a basic turf laying service and can also prepare the site to a high standard if required, so the soil is level, fertile and well-watered to provide your turf with everything it needs in its new location.

For friendly advice we are happy to help and all enquiries are welcomed.

Get in touch with the team now and let’s get your lawn looking lush.

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