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Easiest garden care schedule

Blog | Lawn Care Tips | News | Posted on September 2, 2021 at 4:07 pm by

Whether you love it or hate it, gardening is something we all must do to keep our outdoor space looking clean and tidy.

It’s also an example of when ‘little and often’ can help to keep on top of things, rather than allowing your garden to grow wild and woolly before you take the shears to your urban jungle.

To avoid facing a forest of weeds when you open your door, here are some simple steps you can take on a regular basis to give yourself the easiest garden care schedule possible.

1. Mow the lawn

As a garden turf supplier, we’ve seen some poorly treated lawns over the years, so get some fresh turf delivered and laid, and commit to keeping the grass trimmed more regularly.

This doesn’t have to be every week, and you don’t have to cut it too short – in fact, slightly longer grass can look greener and healthier.

Let your grass tell you when it needs a trim, and try to mow it during dry but not too sunny weather, to give it the best chance to bounce back.

2. Pull up weeds

Make it a habit to pull up any weeds you spot as you walk around your garden, rather than waiting to spend your weekend trying to pluck them all at once.

This nips them in the bud much sooner, preventing their root systems from becoming well established, and should leave less gaps in your grass too.

Pay special attention to baby trees, as you ideally need to remove these as soon as you can, before they put down roots.

If you’re looking for more information about reseeding a weed-infested or patchy lawn, see our blog.

Image of a hand weeding the lawn

3. Tidy twigs and leaves

Once a week, give your garden a walkover and remove any small twigs, leaves and other debris that has landed on the wind.

You can sweep hard surfaces in a matter of minutes, and gently rake your lawn to collect debris together and make it easier to pick up.

4. Water the plants

On rainy days your plants should be fine, but on hot sunny days it’s sensible to give them something to drink.

Realistically with the British summer weather, you’re only likely to need to do this a couple of times in any given week, so just keep an eye on the weather and the time of year.

A hose is a good addition to larger gardens, as it’s much easier to water flowerbeds, pots and planters, as well as to give your grass a quick soak as evening falls.

Image of a hand watering the lawn

5. Check your benches and buildings

Finally, your garden is not just your grass and plants, but also includes outdoor furniture, benches, sheds and so on.

Make it routine to give them a quick check – at least once a month, if not once a week – and if you spot signs of wear and tear or weather damage, fix them as soon as you can.

This all helps to keep your garden structures protected all year round, so the harshest elements of winter can’t cause as much damage during the coldest months.

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