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5 benefits of new turf in spring

Blog | Laying Turf | Posted on February 28, 2022 at 10:13 am by

Spring is finally on the horizon, and if you’re planning your garden for the warmer weather ahead, don’t overlook the benefits of turf to get your open space ready for a season of fun with friends and family.

It’s all too easy to focus on flowerbeds and rockeries, while neglecting a mossy old bumpy lawn or a patch of broken concrete that could be given new life as a vibrant, verdant grassy area.

Here are five big benefits of turf lawns and why this is the perfect time of year to think about laying a new lawn with freshly cut turf from Carbutts Turf.

1. Less prep time

Spring brings an end to the coldest weather, so if you’re in an area prone to ground frosts, it should be much easier to lay a new turf lawn as we move out of the winter months. If you already have a lawn in place, it’s also a great time to give your lawn an MOT.

While spring is still an unsettled season, that’s no bad thing – there should be plenty of days when the weather is good enough to lay new turf, yet also a good amount of rain to help your newly laid grass to grow.

If you’re preparing ground for turf that was previously covered by concrete, for example, you should find any soil beneath it is neither frozen nor parched, making it easier to dig up, fertilise and level.

2. Fast to lay

Once your ground is prepared, turf is fast and quite easy to lay – just roll it out and tamp it down to create a level lawn surface, and to an extent the grass itself will do the rest as it starts to grow and put down firm roots.

This is why preparing the ground is so important, to give the turf the best surface to root into, but once it comes to actually laying the turf, things can move very quickly.

3. Instant colour

We often take green grass for granted, at least until a summer heatwave turns it brown, but if you currently don’t have healthy grass in your garden, new turf can give an immediate lift to your view out your windows.

As we move into spring, the flowerbeds will start to bloom too (with a bit of luck) but a bright, healthy green lawn makes the ideal centrepiece for whatever you choose to plant.

4. Improved drainage

Spring and summer are not without their downpours, and those microbursts of rain can be extremely heavy in a short period of time.

Grass lawns help to dissipate excess rainwater in a more controlled way. That can reduce the risk of isolated floods, while also relieving pressure on the drainage network in your street.

It’s a best of both worlds solution that can help to safeguard you and your neighbours’ houses on occasions when a sudden summer downpour might have been just enough to overwhelm an area of hardstanding, rather than grass.

5. Better comfort

The effects of a healthy turf lawn are not just psychological – they can be physical as well.

Healthy grass ‘breathes’ by the process of transpiration, and that has a cooling effect. On a hot summer’s day your lawn should feel physically cooler than concrete paving or other hard surfaces would be.

Equally, grass takes in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, improving the air quality in your garden – and creating an oasis of calm for you to spend your spring and summer days in greater comfort, this year and for many years to come.

If you’re thinking of laying a new lawn, buy our gold standard turf online or contact us today with any queries.